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This set includes all 5 of our Luxe Glitter's in one set. Shipped in a cute cosmetics pouch perfect for a gift. 

  • 3 X's larger size (10 grams)
  • Luxe glass packaging with stay fresh inside seal to keep glitter from getting everywhere
  • Limited edition custom colors that cannot be purchased anywhere else
  • Can be used to set on the eye with a glitter glue and a small flat eye shadow brush. Some blends are very chunky and will fall w/o the use of glitter glue or a base.
  • 1 Aquamarine Pot - teal blue w/ iridescent chunks 
  • 1 Confetti Pot- Platinum base, w/ mutil- colored small 3-D glitters 
  • 1 Shortcake Sprinkles Pot- hot pink base, with fuchsia, gold and silver fine glitter
  • 1 Mardi Gras Pot- Deep purple base w/ green, gold fuchsia and pink fine glitter 
  • 1 Treasure Pot- Gold base w/ chunky gold and iridescent glitters

5 pots total in the set     

Individual Size: 2x2 Jar 

Portion Qty: 3 Tablespoons of product in each jar