It's heating up around the world, summer is officially here! Our Fixate Team created a list top picks for some must have essentials this summer. We tried to narrow it down to 6. Try some of these products or add on a must have you didn't know you needed. 



While the sun is blazing and giving us that a natural tan, up the game and take that natural tan to another level! We need you to channel " inner goddess vibes". Our Multi-Functional Universal Luminizer gives an insane, warm glow that was formulated to look bomb on ANY skin tone. Sun kissed, island vibes are possible all because of this baby.

Who is creating looks with 2,3 and four pallets?? Not us with the heat we want something easy, quick and simple. Our new Mini Makeup Palette V is an addition to our mini family, bursting with orange, bronze and gilded golds perfect for summer. Fits inside any bag and can be applied effortlessly with just your fingers!


We couldn't make a Summer Must Have list without adding our NEW Gloss Me Out Glosses! Four new shades that scream summer bae. From left to right "Simply Perfect, Pink Berry, Cream Berry and Red Berry


OUR SKIN MUST HAVES : Aveeno Positively Radiant Sheer Moisturizer Spf#30 ...

You've heard it over and over again, you NEED to wear sunscreen and we'll say it again " You need to wear sunscreen" . The thing about sunscreen is it keeps you looking younger by keeping signs of premature aging at bay. We found that our sunscreen needs to be light, non- ashy looking and simple. The Aveeno Positively Radiant Sheer Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30, combines your daily moisturizer and sunscreen in one. Affordable, actually fades dark marks, protects your skin from the sun and leaves skin soft + supple. We tested this under our normal foundation routine and it passed the test.


WTC] This clear Louis Vuitton visor : DesignerReps 

Let's keep it shady babes and by that we mean with a great visor to keep the sun rays out. There are so many options and price points for cute visors. This seasons trends give straw details, pops of prints, metallic trims and even pvc details.We found this luxe version that is sure to keep you cooler and in style.




The hotter the better, and we're not speaking on the temp but we mean our swimsuits! On the list by the Fixate Team was a bomb bathing suit. We found some great options by black owned swim designers that spoke to our inner beach babe. Try not to buy them all and thank us later.