Multi-Function Make Up- On Trend 


This year's make up trend follows a habit that a lot of make up users have found themselves doing for awhile without knowing. We find ourselves whether in a rush or out of experimentation, using our shadows for color on the cheeks, a pop of eye glitter to the lips, or even using a bold wash of color in our blushes for contour or eye shadow.

With the ever present need for the beauty industry to create highly pigmented products. This is becoming so easy to do. Honestly we created  our Good Bye, Dubai palette that was used as a contour & highlight palette by over 70% of our customers because of the very large pans and creamy smooth texture.

We also launched our first mono-graphic palette that was created to change the base color of any shadow color, it doubles as an outstanding bold highlighting palette!



 A couple ways to explore this season's multi- function make up trend 

  1.  Think outside of the box, when following your daily make up routine. Think of pigments as color options instead of products labeled only for certain placements.
  2. Try using your blushes as eye shadow replacements or a bold .pink, or coral lipstick for a pop of color on the cheeks.
  3. A pretty pink matte lipstick actually can be a bomb blush on those mornings where you are crunched for time.
  4. A couple drops of liquid highlighter in your favorite moisturizer gives an undeniable glow on days where makeup may be too much on the skin.
  5. Some lip chap and a blush stick could be your favorite lip stain, that you never thought about.